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Praise for Michael McGillicuddy and the Most Amazing Race:

Need a book that you can curl up with and forget about the rest of the world – this may be it.  My reading for an hour on Sunday afternoon turned into several hours because I just had to know what was going to happen.  This book is filled with adventure, interesting characters, challenges, and intriguing mechanical devices.  A little like Indiana Jones meets Around the World in 80 Days. - Excerpted from a review by Jennie Reads Alls. Read the Full Review Here.

While you can read it quickly, with the layers of subplots and character complications that are running simultaneously, you should slow down and enjoy.Overall, this is a great read and just a lot of fun. It has a terrific cast of characters that are so diverse and different that you can’t help but cheer on at least one during the race. At the end, it also sets up nicely for the next book in the series, which I look forward to reading. - Excerpted from a review by A Garden Of Books. Read the Full Review Here.

Every once in awhile a book comes along that presents the reader with an amazing story; this is one of those books. Written in a classic literature style in which characters are fascinating, the setting hops from place to place and imagination soars, Dutcher has surpassed my wildest dreams of good old fashioned storytelling. Michael McGillicuddy is in his 20’s, an engineer by day and an inventor by night. He has a history with the race but is nonetheless surprised when he receives his invite. From that day on he prepares for the race; this includes leaving his job, his Mother and risking everything. I can not stress the depth of imagination it took to come up with the various modes of transportation, the astonishing characters, the adventures of the race and managing to keep the reader on the edge of their seat longing to find out who wins and how the story plays out. The reader is constantly trying to figure out who is an antagonist and who is the hero. - J. Walker, Amazon Reviewer

Amazing story and writing! I’ve never read a story before where you can so easily visualize the movie with every single sentence. The descriptions of everything from entering a new space, to introducing a new character or even feeling a new emotion the characters are going through make the imagery so vivid in my mind. I love it! Makes me want to live in the 1800s and enter the race myself! Even inspires me to wish I was an inventor or alchemist. Give me more! - Deborah Potts, Amazon Reviewer

“Trevor Dutcher’s The Most Amazing Race pulls you in with a perfect balance of action, drama, and unexpected humor, with an ending that leaves you asking for more. An unexpectedly delightful read from a first time author.” - Amazon Reviewer

I think the world and the characters you have created are so easy to visualise and the tension and excitement throughout the story is brilliant. It's been a while since I read something that took me to so many different places to see so many different things! But it never felt jumbled or too busy. I also think you have written some really, really great villains - Belladonna is fantastic.” -Kym T.

“Could not put this down. The characters and storyline kept me highly immersed within the novel and the ending was quite spectacular.” -Goodreads Reviewer

9 out of 10, quality on par with Michael Vey. I can see everything in my mind so easily.” -Dash D.

“The twists and turns in the novel were almost as thrilling as the race itself. I never knew what was coming next. I could not put it down and now all I want to know is… when’s the sequel coming out??” -Jennifer C.

“Deserves to be published, needs to be read more broadly.” -Teri D.




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